Reelect Mayor Jude Hehman

I am honored to serve as mayor of my hometown, Fort Mitchell. As I near the end of my first term, I am proud of our progress, but there is still much left to accomplish. That's why I am running for reelection as mayor. We are located in the heart of Kenton County, where our city is essential to the growth and success of our region.

During my term in office, we have stabilized all of our departments with qualified leadership, improved services and beautification while keeping taxes at the same rate as it was four years ago. Our active committees include members of council along with citizens ensuring that we make good decisions when dealing with complex matters.

I will continue to make safety our top priority, and will work to continue the progress of beautification, infrastructure and economic development within our city boundaries.

I hope to earn your support once again most importantly, your vote on Tuesday, November 6.  Please join me in our campaign by volunteering and talking to your neighbors.

I'm running for reelection as mayor to continue our open, transparent city government, Thank you for placing your trust in me.