Jude’s Priorities

DSC_0100-592x237I offer a bold vision for our city that includes the following priorities:

  • Ethics and transparency
  • Job creation
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Infrastructure and traffic flow
  • Accountability for spending
  • Equitable and balanced taxation
  • Strong  fire and police departments
  • School partnerships
  • Service
  • Parks and recreation


I will take responsibility to create an open and transparent city government that is inclusive, open to new ideas, good stewards of taxpayer dollars, and committed to public safety.  The most important services provided to residents is insuring safe communities with first responders who are well equipped and trained to respond quickly to any emergency.

It Takes a Job Creator to Actually Create Jobs

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of our economy and Fort Mitchell has has dozens of small and medium size businesses that pay taxes and create jobs in our city. These companies deserve top-notch service, making it easy to do business in Fort Mitchell.  The best way to create jobs is to strengthen our existing businesses, assist with their needs for space, location and safety protection.  It takes business expertise to speak the language and truly understand the needs of our companies.

A Partnership With Our Citizens

We cannot rely on government to solve all of our problems, but we can expect a collaborative effort that involves our citizens along with our city leaders; never excluding anyone from the process of moving forward.  Under my leadership, I will call on all of us to look out for our neighbors, to know when someone needs help and to provide assistance and resources to make our community great!

Our Children

Fort Mitchell is home to roughly 2,000 children and young adults under age 18. As mayor, I will support the groups and school organizations who are providing recreational and educational opportunities for our youth. My platform will include engaging our City Council to develop once again a youth council of representatives who will guide us and participate in initiatives to improve the lives of our young people.  At age 13 I was selected as a representative to serve on the Fort Mitchell Youth Council and look forward to restarting this important city tradition.